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How billionaires made their money tells you a lot about why billionaires are good for the world economy.

Most billionaires did not inherit their wealth.

A study by research firm Wealth-X explains how they generated their fortunes.

Most billionaires put their money into publicly traded companies found on the Stock Market.

About 36.4% of their portfolios were allocated to this asset class.

Another 35% of their net worth is placed in privately held companies.

That leaves about 26.4% in liquid assets such as cash.

They hold the remaining 2.2% in real estate and luxury assets.

Billionaires can be classified into groups.

Someone worth $2 billion is very different than someone worth $50 billion.

Breaking the group down, those with $1 to $2 billion in assets generally invest in liquid assets.

While those with over $50 billion invested primarily in publicly traded companies found on the stock market.

Billionaires in the higher tiers often create and hold significant shares in now-public businesses.

These businesses often evolve into large, multinational companies.

This includes well-known billionaires like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

In this video, I will profile a few famous billionaires and how they made their fortunes.

I will also profile a few unknown billionaires and how they made their billions.

Billionaires favor industries such as banking, finance, and conglomerates because that’s where large pools of money live.

Banking, finance, and industrial conglomerates dominate the focus of most billionaires.

Nearly 21% of billionaires made an average of $3.2 billion from these two industries.

Real estate, food and beverage, and manufacturing also made the top five.

Technology billionaires have accumulated the largest networth of all billionaires.

The tech titans’ average net worth was almost $6 billion — far more significant than in all other industries.

This group of billionaires is heavily skewed by a select group of highly wealthy individuals at the very top end.

That means thanks to people like Bezos, who has an estimated net worth of $131 [billion], they heavily skew the group.

Nonetheless, five of the 10 wealthiest billionaires have created the majority of their wealth via the tech sector.

This is evidence of the enormous gains made in a sector that can cross borders reasonably easily.

Technology also has comparatively low barriers to entry and can grow much more rapidly than traditional industries.

So if you want to be a billionaire yourself, consider the technology industry.

Let’s examine the demographics of most billionaires.

Billionaires were also generally much older — their average age was 65.

This means that it takes time to build massive wealth.

Although there are a few female billionaires, the landscape remains predominantly male-dominated.

Next, I want to profile a few billionaires and how these businessmen built their fortunes.

Bill Gates: $126 billion

Who else would I start with first but Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Business magnate, philanthropist, and one of the most highly-regarded entrepreneurs of all time.

Currently, his net worth is about $126 billion, but that number fluctuates a few billion each day.

Suppose Bill’s wealth continues to appreciate the way it has over the last decade.

In that case, he may very well become the world’s first trillionaire.

If knowing that doesn’t inspire you in all your billionaire-related endeavors, nothing else will.

Elon Musk: $164 billion

Elon Musk has achieved more than most of us could in several lifetimes.

With a net worth of $164 billion, his many successes have cemented his status as one of the wealthiest people in the world.

It’s also safe to assume he is well at home among all billionaires.

There simply wouldn’t be enough time to list all his achievements in this video.

Let me mention that he founded SpaceX to explore Space.

He’s the owner and CEO of Tesla cars and co-founder of OpenAI.

I’m not sure when this man sleeps or if he sleeps at all.

His status as one of the world’s billionaires seems to be more than secure.

Warren Buffett: $95 billion

This American business magnate is widely regarded as being one of the most successful investors of all time.

He has amassed a net worth of $95 billion over the years.

He is the chairman, CEO, and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway (one of America’s most prominent multinational conglomerate holding companies).

Previously, Buffet was named by Time Magazine as one of the world’s most influential people.

If you’re putting together your own list of the world’s billionaires, this man is a crucial addition.

If you want to learn how to invest like the man himself, check the description section of this video.

Mark Zuckerberg: $106 billion

Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg would make this list.

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Being co-founder and CEO of Facebook is bound to bring in a few loose dimes.

Turns out it’s more than a few because Zuckerberg’s net worth clocks in at $106 billion.

This fact safely consolidates him as one of the wealthiest people in the world.

The fact that he’s only 36 years old makes us all the more determined to learn from his achievements.

If he teaches us anything, it’s that you’re never too young to start working towards being one of the world’s billionaires.

And, if you’re looking to start making your own millions before that looming 30th birthday milestone, check the links below.

Jeff Bezos: $184 billion

As the founder and CEO of Amazon, Bezos is undisputedly one of the world’s foremost billionaires with a net worth of 184 billion.

Amazon was founded in 1994 in Jeff Bezo’s garage.

He noticed the rapid growth of the internet and subsequently left his high-paying job as a hedge-fund manager.

He’s since founded Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup, and bought out The Washington Post.

He was also one of the first investors in Google.

Amazon started out as just an online bookstore.

Who would ever think that this website would be the power it is today, selling everything you could possibly imagine.

Now, let’s cover a few lesser-known billionaires and how they made their fortunes.

David Cheriton – $7 billion

Born in Vancouver, Canada, David Ross Cheriton is a computer scientist, mathematician, philanthropist, and professor at Stanford University in California.

He’s a businessman and venture capitalist as well.

After investing $100,000 in Google when it was just a small startup, he made his fortune back in 1998.

Today that check is worth more than $1 billion in Google stock.

Together with a partner who also invested the same sum in Google at that time, they created and later sold two companies: Granite Systems and Arista Networks.

Cheriton also supports education by donating a few million dollars to various universities each year..

His wealth today rises to a cool $7 billion.

David Sun – $7 billion

David Sun was involved in Kingston Technology, one of the largest manufacturers of computer memory products, USB drives, and SSD’s.

Born in Taiwan and raised in China, David Sun studied at the Tatung University.

He then moved to the United States in 1977.

Sun is still involved in running Kingston Technology as a COO.

He and his wife now have a foundation that supports education and healthcare back in Taiwan.

David Sun has accumulated a net worth of $7 billion and climbing.

Aliko Dangote – $14 billion

Born in Nigeria and the owner of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa.

His present net worth stands at $13.9 billion.

Part of Dangote Group, Dangote Cement is the largest cement producer on the African continent.

What started as a small trading firm has expanded into food processing and exports as well.

The group now includes Dangote Sugar Refinery and Dangote Flour, making Dangote Group the most significant industrial company in Nigeria.

Reinhold Würth – $14 billion

A German businessman and art collector, Reinhold Würth, built the Adolf Würth Group after taking over his father’s screw business.

By delivering products straight to the customers on construction sites and mechanical shops, the company quickly became the market leader.

The Adolf Würth Group operates in more than 80 countries.

They supply fastening and assembly materials in the construction, engineering, and automotive fields.

Sales are more than $14 billion each year.

Although Reinhold retired back in 1993, he’s still the chairman of the supervisory board.

His net worth stands at about $14 billion.

Jorge Paulo Lemann – $29 billion

Jorge Paulo Lemann is a Brazilian investor of Swiss origins and the wealthiest person in Brazil today.

Educated in the US, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University.

Lemann began his career in investment banking.

He then became one of the founding members of Banco Garantia in Brazil.

Later he moved on to other industries to dominate.

He created the largest brewer in the world, Anheuser-Busch, and holding stakes in Heinz & Company, among others.

His net worth sits at a staggering $29 billion.

These extremely wealthy individuals have been of immense value to the world.

Without someone taking the risk to form a business that solves big problems, how would the rest of us enjoy a better life?

Billionaires create massive companies, utilizing different skills that alone are worthless, but when combined into an organization, they produce value to the world.

Without billionaires, we would not be living in a world where poverty and hunger continue to fall.

This is entirely thanks to rich people who only ask to keep a small portion of the production their assets produce.

Attempting to destroy this with redistribution schemes will ultimately be harmful to the 99 percent.

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