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How do beliefs affect our lives?

A belief is defined as “something that we hold to be completely true.”

A person’s beliefs are the subconscious guideposts that shape how a person thinks, decides and acts in different situations.

Our subconscious mind is responsible for forming and enforcing our beliefs.

The conscious mind on the other hand, is the armored sentinel that makes sure that our subconscious beliefs are enforced – until such time that they are discarded or changed at a subconscious level.

How are new beliefs created?

Normally, a belief forms as a result of memorable or emotional experiences. 

A new belief can also be formed from any form of mental training, such as attending classes at the university or reading books that we like.

We subconsciously create powerful beliefs at each stage of our lives, from childhood to adulthood.

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Small children can have powerful beliefs that can even survive to adulthood.

As a person matures, he picks up new beliefs from different experiences in life.

We usually discard an old belief if a new belief provides a better benefit or advantage.

Ideally, a person should be able to pick up new beliefs easily, especially if a belief obviously provides a better route to achieving goals.

However, our minds are actually built to retain beliefs rather than let them go.

We have a natural tendency to hold on to old beliefs because it is our way of creating equilibrium and permanence in our lives.

Unfortunately, this desire to keep old beliefs can sometimes prevent a person from improving or progressing in certain aspects of life.

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Oscar DeLa Cruz
Oscar DeLa Cruz

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