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The Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets has grown exponentially in a short amount of time.

The subreddit’s subscriber count ballooned by 133% to 1.8 million members in just one year.

The growth accelerated more in past months, and the forum’s current 2.2 million members drive one of Reddit’s most active pages.

Not too long ago, members spent three weeks bidding up the stock price of the video game retailer GameStop.

The results were amazing, with shares skyrocketing more than 1,200%.

If you had shares of GameStop, you could have cashed in for a huge payday.

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The overwhelming bullishness on GameStop fueled billions of dollars in losses for short-sellers.

Short-sellers borrow the stock to sell at the current market price.

These short-sellers hope that the price will fall to a lower level so they can buy it back at a low price in order to pocket the difference.

The subreddit Wall Street Bets has done this before against other stocks.

Options-obsessed members have boasted about trading everything from newly bankrupt car-rental giants to now-delisted Chinese café chains.

They’re huge fans of electric-vehicle stocks; Tesla enjoys unique enthusiasm on the Reddit forum, which has fueled the stock’s high stock value.

Yet previous Reddit-fueled rallies typically lasted a matter of days before profit-taking pulled prices back to reality.

The subreddit’s obsession with GameStop showed no signs of slowing down.

Simply put, the subreddit amplified a publicly-traded company on Wall Street.

This resulted in investors’ greed to jump onboard, a fear of missing out that pulled in new investors and drove the stock price through the roof in a matter of days.

So, how was this snowballing trade born in the first place?

It all started with the subreddit’s ability to monetize the Meme.

Reddit promotes itself as “the front page of the internet.”

It’s partly a social media platform, part news aggregator, and a discussion forum rolled up into one site.

The platform hosts a diverse set of communities ranging from World News to Baby Elephant Gifs.

Posts and comments are public, and posts that receive the most positive votes, or “upvotes,” from other users are featured most prominently.

On the subreddit Wall Street Bets, members frequently brag about outsize gains.

In some cases, they mock huge losses and make a mockery out of risky trading behavior.

Some posts pull in so many upvotes that they get elevated to the highly trafficked subreddit called Popular.

This constantly updated subreddit showcases the day’s posts with the most interaction.

During the GameStop trade saga, several Wall Street Bets posts, with tens of thousands of upvotes, graced the pseudo-hall-of-fame page.

Countless Reddit users unfamiliar with Wall Street Bets were exposed to its high-risk, high-reward behavior via memes.

These memes were often posts showing off multimillion-dollar gains on GameStop shares.

The core behavior seen in the stock market isn’t unheard of.

Richard Smith, the CEO of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, told Insider that GameStop’s rally was “absolutely” a momentum trade.

One operating in a “very compressed time frame.”

A momentum trade is generally characterized by investors continuing to pile into a proven winner, driving the price through the roof.

The first few days of gains saw Wall Street Bets members cheer the rally and beg more people to join in the party.

As the posts made their way to the subreddit Popular, Wall Street Bets members gained online infamy.

Resulting in more casual investors being introduced to the trend, and a cycle began.

This was a human emotion, fueled by more people at home and spending more time on their devices.

It was fuel for an acceleration that drove the price of GameStop stock sky-high.

There’s also financial gain to be had for those pursuing internet notoriety.

Reddit users can award posts and comments with various virtual medals, many of which can be gifted only through real-world currency.

Sneering memes can pull in a few dollars worth of awards, while others rake in small fortunes.

A famous Wall Street Bets post, bragging about an alleged 992% return on GameStop options, received an incredible $765 worth of awards.

Because of Reddit, institutions are losing some control of their gripe on stock prices.

Reddit’s structure and the democratic nature of users picking the most famous content differ wildly from Wall Street’s research reports and market analysis.

Yet both generate trade ideas that proliferate across market participants.

And Wall Street Bets’ ability to turn free, user-produced research into hugely viral media has seemingly been underestimated.

Reddit is a media-driven platform where the media isn’t controlled by institutions that have historically been in control.

This is a sign that historical financial institutions are losing some control of the narratives in the market.

Many Wall Street Bets members advertise the GameStop trade as a surefire way to post quick gains, so long as they keep the bullish faith.

After shares experienced their initial pop, gains continued in pronounced fashion and amounted to more than 300% in one week.

Imagine if you owned $10,000 of GameStop stock during that week.

Others rally investors to the cause by positioning the GameStop trade as an anti-establishment movement.

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A virtual middle finger to an industry that underestimates Redditors’ influence.

Redditor’s proclaim that, with no-fee trading platforms, easily accessible margin, and enough allies, they can beat the funds that have dominated Wall Street for decades.

When you feel like a rebel going against the establishment, that’s a compelling emotion.

It’s absolutely part of what contributed to this stock gain event.

But what if you want to make money online a different way instead of artificially inflating the price of a stock that you own on Reddit?

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It used to be that the power to become a business built on systems was reserved only for the fortunate few.

The barrier to entry was high.

It required specialized education and money to become a business owner and control your financial future.

It was expensive and risky to even start a business before the Internet came along.

Of course, the payoff for success was significant, which was why many people tried.

Unfortunately, many failed at starting a business the traditional way.

Creating a business plan, pitching your plan to your local bank, getting 10s of thousands (sometimes 100s of thousands) of dollars in funding to open your business was rarely successful.

Many people went bankrupt trying to start a business this way.

Today, thanks to the Internet, the world has changed, and you can start a business online for almost nothing or not much capital.

I consider $5,000 or less not much money to start a business; you might feel differently.

Almost anyone can execute a systems-based business online if they acquire the proper training.

This training is all over the Internet in online courses that sell from $500 to $5,000.

The more the business system costs, the more likely it will be a complete system to start your business.

This video will give you several ideas on how to build a business online.

But first, let’s discuss why building a business online is so powerful.

The best kind of income is income that you control.

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of income and they are not all created equal.

EARNED INCOME is income that employees and self-employed people earn at 9 to 5 jobs.

This often means exchanging your time for money.

It is the highest-taxed income that you have zero control over.

It can be lost if your employer decides that they don’t need your position anymore.

PORTFOLIO INCOME is income made through capital gains, like through the stock market explained in the Reddit pump of GameStop.

You hear people who earn portfolio income say things like, “buy low and sell high.”

Good advice if you can make it happen.

In the case of the Reddit pump of GameStop, the price was artificially inflated.

This income is also taxed high and requires active management.

Do you really want to stalk subreddits to find stocks artificially inflated so you can buy low and sell high?

It can also be risky because you often have little control over whether something goes up or down in value.

PASSIVE INCOME is income business owners and investors generate who want to control their money.

When you control your money, you control the direction of your life.

The reason why passive income is the best form of income is that it is the lowest-taxed income.

It puts money in your pocket even when you’re not actively working the business and has many tax advantages.

If you want to be rich, you need to master the art of passive income.

Thankfully, there are many ways to make passive income online using an Internet Business System.

The Internet has given you the power to be an entrepreneur, earning as much in a month as you currently earn in one year.

The Internet is the platform of your business systems and gives you the ability to communicate and market online through email and social media.

It gives you the tools for accounting and access to legal advice.

The Internet lets you search the whole world for manufacturers of goods to sell.

And if you want to learn something, you can easily Google it or watch a video on YouTube.

The cost of education is near zero, although I do suggest that you purchase a complete course that gives you a business system in a box.

Today, it is easier than ever to build a successful business online that provides cash flow even while you’re sleeping.

Still, success is not guaranteed just because you followed the business system.

Not understanding this is why so many digital entrepreneurs fail.

Some people take shortcuts and give up too soon when success is very close.

If you think the stock market is not your ticket to wealth, try looking into an online business system like blogging, Shopify eCommerce stores, affiliate marketing, or being a freelancer.

Once you control your income, you can control the direction of your life.

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